Friday, 28 June 2019

Do You Struggle to Make Time for Your Art?

Ask any group of artists about their biggest challenge and many will say it’s finding time to make their art.

When I worked full-time, 5000 원 꽁 머니 I imagined that this was the reason I didn’t have enough time to paint.

But this year I went full-time as an artist and teacher, and I STILL struggle to find time.I have blog posts to write, or podcasts to record (and edit) or videos to edit and then there’s the housework and the dog to walk and finding time to prepare my course, which is coming up in a few months, and blah blah blah … so many excuses!

Here’s the thing … like most women, I am not accustomed to doing as I please. I have spent a lifetime looking after others and doing my “duty.” Because painting feels so pleasurable, 777 무료 슬롯 머신 I feel guilty doing it. This is insane of course – I can’t sell painting unless I make them and painting is now my job – but I still feel this guilt.

And this is the key, I think … in truth, there is always time and we are making choices about what to do with it. If we do not choose to make time for art, something else is behind that.

In my experience, what lies behind the idea of not enough time is one of two things: guilt, fear or unrealistic ideas about how much time is needed.


If you’re like me and you have spent a long time putting other people before yourself, 7luck or living what you see as a dutiful life, you will struggle to put your own needs first. And making art requires that you focus on yourself – it requires that you step away from this or that responsibility for an hour or two. And it requires that you go deep inside yourself to be at your most creative. It can feel incredibly selfish.

But, as I have slowly learned to set aside time for painting, I have discovered that it makes me a much better person. I am nicer to be around because I am no longer resentful and because I am no longer repressing the most important parts of myself.

This will work for you too — I promise!


This is often what lies behind the idea that we don’t have any time. Making art feels like a risk – maybe you haven’t done it for a long time (or maybe ever) and you’re afraid your work won’t be good. cod 카지노 Or maybe you want to shift from one type of art to another, but you don’t know how to make that leap.

If you are a perfectionist or someone who sets high standards for yourself, your ego may protect you from ‘failing’ by keeping you very busy with other things.

But if you start to think of your art time as exploration, rather than production, you can overcome this fear of failure. After all, you can’t fail if you’re not trying to produce anything.